Antibiotic FREE

Farms without antibiotics are now possible thanks to Sanodyna ®


More safety and higher production rates


100% eco-friendly water treatment that respects the environment.

Food safety and hygiene problems are crucial issues in livestock breeding facilities (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, horses, etc.).

Hygiene of premises

Hygiene is not limited to processing plants, but involves the entire production chain, from the "pre-processing" phase to the "post-processing" phase. An analysis of the risks and of the critical control points which characterise each segment in the supply chain is not enough to deliver satisfactory results; water and environment must be treated with Sanodyna® throughout the entire growth and transformation process. By keeping all the water systems (ducts, drinking troughs, waste water) perfectly clean and disinfected, you can reach total hygiene conditions for bred animals as well as in the premises and in technological areas (milking rooms, piggery, ventilation circuits, delivery rooms, etc.) and in the areas used by the staff.

Animal health

Sanodyna® is effective against E. Coli, Salmonella, Coccidiosis, Colibacillosis, Mycoplasmosis, Ornithobacterium, etc. It reduces the rate of digestive, hepatic, pulmonary, respiratory infections and mastitis, which leads to a significant reduction in the use of conventional drugs and antibiotics. Sanodyna® means more health and welfare for the animals, with positive effects on vitality, fertility, nutrition. Their growth is stimulated and stress and mortality are reduced while profitability is increased.


The market demand for “Antibiotic-Free” products is growing exponentially, and national and international regulations will soon enforce the reduction of conventional drugs within a short time, until their use will be completely forbidden. Antibiotic drugs have become necessary not only to heal, but mostly to prevent diseases because hygienic conditions are not adequate and supply waters are contaminated. The bacterial load includes total coliforms, faecal coliforms, faecal Streptococci and several types of algae such as, for example, the Prototheca, which also causes important pathologies that can lead to death. Sanodyna® guarantees healthy animals and total hygiene and the final achievement of “Antibiotic-Free Breeding farms”.

  • PIGS
  • Sheep
  • Goats

The use of Sanodyna® brings several benefits to farmers: time saving, healthier animals, greater hygiene in the environment and increased profitability. When Sanodyna® is added to drinking water and in fish farm basins, it positively interacts with the animal's organism reducing the risk of disease and the quantity of drugs needed, it increases their well-being, fertility and longevity by raising the qualitative-quantitative level of the transformation process (meat, dairy products and poultry, etc.)

  • Increased productivity and quality
  • Increased animal health
  • Significant reduction of diseases
  • Significant reduction of healthcare costs
  • Increased fertility
  • Increased animal strength
  • Faster growth
  • Reduction/Elimination of drugs
  • Elimination of infections
  • Food optimization
  • Higher water quality
  • Sanitation of environments and plants
  • No corrosive effect, not aggressive even when concentrated
  • Less maintenance of plants
  • Energy and economic savings
  • Replaces formaldehyde and other toxic sanitizing products (podalic treatment, sanitation, etc.)
  • No risks during handling and storage, complete safety of the workplace
  • Non-toxic, Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable

Prevention of mastitis:

Washing cattle nipples during milking with untreated water, cleaning the milking machines with improperly disinfected water, insufficient sanitation of the environment can lead to the development of mastitis in dairy farms. The application of Sanodyna®, through the sanitation of equipment and breasts, dramatically reduces the risk of mastitis. This allows milk to be healthier, safer, contamination-free and reduces waste and healthcare costs.

Further benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved milk quality (fats, proteins)
  • Reduction of somatic cells
  • Elimination of mastitis
  • Elimination of bacterial loads from environments and plants
  • Total cleanliness of drinking points
  • Sprayed in the environment, it destroys pathogenic forms which cause infections and respiratory infections

Further benefits:

  • Elimination of pathogens
  • Reduction of mortality
  • Quieter animals
  • Increased growth rate, ideal weight reached faster
  • Sanitation of delivery rooms
  • Replaces multi-purpose disinfecting drugs
  • Can be sprayed directly on animal skin
  • Sprayed in the environment, it destroys pathogenic forms which cause infections and respiratory infections

Further benefits:

  • Higher production rate
  • Removal of bacterial load from environments and plants, including Salmonella, Listeria etc.
  • Total cleaning of drinking troughs and reduced maintenance
  • Stronger animals
  • Faster growth
  • Lower conversion index (better ratio between food administered and meat production)
  • Significant reduction in gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases
  • Increased egg quality and production rate
  • More resistant eggs
  • Improvement of egg hatching rates
  • Sprayed in the environment, it destroys pathogenic forms which cause infections and respiratory infections

Further benefits:

  • Higher survival rate throughout the farming process
  • Reduced use of antibiotics
  • Stronger animals
  • Faster growth
  • Significant reduction of diseases
  • Better water quality
  • Removal of unwanted algae
  • Elimination of infections