The use of Sanodyna® technology shows its effectiveness in many applications and is now essential, also because of its compliance with current regulations, in areas ranging from health to public and commercial facilities, where it can ensure decontamination from bacterial colonies such as legionella , and the disinfection of environments, surfaces and work tools. It is highly effective also in the beverage production industry, food industry, in animal husbandry and in agriculture.

Health care

Safety of common areas

Many of the environments where we live and work every day can be the ideal place for the growth and development of pathogens that are harmful to our health. Installations that bring us in contact with mist or stagnant water, such as air conditioners or tanks, or hot water recycling networks, are high-risk places in relation to bacterial contaminations of pathogens such as Legionella. Therefore, they require accurate disinfection of water systems to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

  • Health and Public Facilities
  • Tourist Facilities and Resorts
  • Sport and Wellness
  • Nautical sector
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Livestock and Animal Husbandry

In the breeding sector (cattle, pig, sheep, goat, poultry, horse), on-site Sanodyna® plants can ensure, among many benefits, greater physical well-being of the animals - stimulating healthy growth and reducing the risk of contracting diseases (such as mastitis) - increased productivity - which is matched by reduced consumption of resources and an increase in the income - without using pharmacological treatments with conventional antibiotics, which clearly brings positive results in terms of product quality and safety.

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Food Processing

Throughout the entire primary production process that leads to semi-finished and finished products, water plays a fundamental role. Since it is in direct contact with food and is used for many different purposes in a number of production cycles (red and white meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables), water must comply with all regulatory standards aimed at ensuring its quality and cleanliness.

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Agriculture is the main water-consuming sector at global level. Irrigation of agricultural land accounts for 70% of the globally used water, taken from natural or alternative sources. The impact and importance of the quality of water on the yield and quantity of crops is clearly understood. Thanks to Sanodyna® it is possible to sanitize irrigation water as well as control the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi in crops without having to use other chemicals that can damage the product and affect its quality.

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