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Nuova Control Systems Srl was established in 1998 thanks to the contribution of highly qualified technical partners of proven and long-standing experience. The aim was to realise new ideas and projects to meet the many and diverse requests from the textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and food industries, increasing the package of services offered.

NCS aims at following its customers from the preliminary stage of the construction of technological production systems, in the definition of strategies to be followed to optimise energy consumption and achieve the best possible quality / price ratio. To this purpose, the necessary departments have been created to manage the system design directly, to produce custom software and hardware and carry out mechanical, pneumatic, electronic and production works providing fast and specialized assistance services;

Moreover, thanks to its design and prototyping department, NCS can quickly interface with third parties’ electronic and IT systems or customised software, meeting the customer’s project specific needs and supplying turn-key plants and services.

THE PROJECT: Sanodyna®

The Sanodyna® project for water disinfection was started in 2005, based on and subsequently developing the technology of the ECA process (Electro Chemical Activation) from which active solutions are obtained (Anolyte and Catolyte). Sanodyna® On Site consists of a range of plants with different capacities that produce Sanodyna®, a powerful neutral pH sanitiser, on the spot.

For the production of Sanodyna® our systems use only water, sodium chloride (salt) and electricity. The final product obtained is an aqueous solution with a neutral pH, containing hypochlorous acid, active oxygen and other inorganic oxidants. This solution is particularly effective as a disinfectant, remarkably better in terms of yield compared to the most commonly used products for the disinfection of water, such as, for example, sodium hypochlorite, gaseous chlorine, chlorine dioxide, etc. The result is an extremely versatile product, that can be used in any water purification process.

Sanodyna® in fact, unlike its competitors “does not generate toxic and / or harmful by-products, does not alter the taste of the treated water, keeping it safe for humans and animals and is completely environment-friendly.”

Thanks to its very high bactericidal power, Sanodyna® is able to eliminate any pathogenic agent, from bacterial colonies (such as Legionella, E. Coli , Pseudomonas, Enterococcus, Clostridium, Staphilococcus), to algae, fungi and spores.

One of Sanodyna®'s most interesting properties, when used to treat drinking water, is its ability to destroy both the suspended bacterial load and the biofilm (source of bacterial proliferation) in the piping, preventing their future development again and guaranteeing complete disinfection of the water and constant drinkability.

Water is indispensable in many stages of food processing, when it is incorporated into food or beverages in any production phase, or when it is used for washing, transportation, heating or cooling of semi-finished and processed products.


The modern technology behind our Sanodyna® on-site systems offers another extremely important benefit. The sanitising substance produced by our plants is composed of a metastable molecule which dissociates naturally after a short time, without any harmful effect on people and/or the environment and without causing corrosion in the pipe system. Therefore, Sanodyna® is 100% biodegradable and environment-friendly and offers, together with its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, important environmental and ecological benefits as well. The use of water today more than ever before, must come to terms with cost-effectiveness and safety, keeping into account the need to protect the environment in which we live.