Water disinfection

Sale and rental of water disinfection systems.

Health, commercial facilities and animal husbandry

Used to treat water in any area of human activity.

Antibiotic FREE

Farms without antibiotics are possible with Sanodyna ®


100% eco-friendly water treatment that respects the environment.

We design customised systems to meet all your needs

Sanodyna® On-site Technological Systems

Natural Sanitiser

Antibacterial and antifungal , this is a safe and non-toxic sanitiser. Sanodyna® is produced by our systems using only water, sodium chloride (salt) and electricity. 100% biodegradable. It leaves no residue and is much more effective than other products.

Disinfection against Legionella

Unlike other disinfection methods, Sanodyna® also eliminates biofilm , which is the environment where bacteria develop and grow, without causing any damage to hot and cold water piping system.

Controls and Remote Assistance

Fully automated system which can be remotely controlled at any stage of the process thus ensuring 24/7 assistance to production.

Data Traceability

All data produced by our systems are completely traceable and stored in cloud systems that can be consulted at any time using access credentials.

Complete Plants

On-site production and dosing plants with "carefree options", all solutions include servicing and extraordinary maintenance options.

Dosing plants

Dosing systems for small structures with periodic supply of Sanodyna® , produced at our factories.

safe and clean water

Our systems allow water to be treated in an environment-friendly, safe and healthy way, in compliance with regulations and preserving the characteristics of water potability.

Our experience

We are a leading company in the field of automation and industrial process controls, we have been producing high-performance plants since 1998.

Our 20 years of experience with many companies from different business areas have allowed us to develop highly qualified skills in process control and optimisation:

  • Analysis and management of business processes
  • Plant process control system
  • Industrial automation
  • Local/remote I/O electronics distribution for data collection
  • Design and development of specific electronics
  • Process control software and supervision
  • Customised products and services
  • Data storage systems with cloud backup
  • Complete assistance and all-inclusive insurance solutions
  • Plants rental and sale

Our company


Thanks to its powerful sanitising action and its completely eco-sustainable and biodegradable nature, Sanodyna® is an extremely versatile product that lends itself to a great variety of uses and contexts.

Health care

Legionella Disinfection in all at-risk environments, without re-growth risks


Clean irrigation water, Sustainable Agriculture



Disinfection from bacteria, algae and fungi


Biofilm Removal